Buying a home is, for many of us, the biggest single investment we will ever make. Knowing this, most homeowners provide for their security by purchasing insurance against hazards such as fire, theft and weather damage. But there is another hazard, which can pose an even greater risk to home ownership: Defects in the title to your property can cause you to lose part or all of the investment in your home. Protection from this peril comes in the form of title insurance.

There are two basic types of title insurance protection - one for the mortgage lender and one for the homeowner or real estate investor. If a mortgage is to be placed on your new home or if you are refinancing an existing mortgage, the mortgage lender will probably require that you purchase title insurance to protect the lender. You, the homeowner, need an owner's title insurance policy to protect your investment. You only pay once, at closing and we provide the protection to you as well as the lender that lasts as long as you own the property.

In preparation for closing, we perform a title search, which is a detailed examination of the historical records concerning a property. Some of the things a title search uncovers are any unpaid taxes or mortgages, judgments against previous owners, easements, and many other court actions or recorded documents, which can affect title to real estate. We find and report such defects in the title to the real estate you wish to buy or refinance, so that these matters can be corrected and cleared up. In the event of a claim your title insurance policy protects you by defending your title in court if necessary. This is done at our expense and we bear the cost of settling a claim, if it proves valid in order to protect your ownership and title to the property.

Basically title insurance is the assurance that every possible cloud on the title to the land you are buying - which can be discovered from the public records - has been called to your attention so that such defects can be corrected before you buy. And - it is insurance that, if any undisclosed claim covered by your policy arises out of the past to threaten your ownership of real estate, it will be disposed of, or you will be reimbursed, exactly as your title insurance policy provides.